Chocolate Pani Puri

Franchise Approval Process

Here we have listed the step by step procedure to apply for a Franchise. We have built an extremely simple procedure, which will help you and us to get a better understanding right from the start. The process involves the sharing of information between parties in order to set expectations clear, and make sure the fit between the parties is right. The process is to understand each other completely and also to make you clear of what you are getting into for a smooth business relation.

Step by step process of franchise approval

Franchise Application

Review Franchise Application

Review Financial capability/Skills/Entrepreneur Journey

Submit Development Plan by franchisee about the proposed city.

Interview with the Franchise(Personal meeting with the management)

Propose Multiple Store Locations to the management along with basic details of location with proposed Rent/Area/ Pictures & Video etc

Approval of management for location based on company’s standards

Registration of the location by the company in its name and approving franchisee to operate

Payment of franchisee fee

Granting of franchisee license ( Application Form)