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Kulfi House Franchise is a golden opportunity for People who wish to have a successful, ROI making business.

What does it take to become a franchisee ?

Becoming a successful franchisee with Kulfi House isn’t as daunting as it might seem. As in any Business, there will be challenges but the basic requirements you need to overcome them and make your franchise work are assets you probably already possess. Essentially, we at Kulfi House look for highly motivated organizations or entrepreneurs with a sincere commitment to building a retail brand in their territory.We give franchisee to the people who are looking to run the business and own a business with dedication and giving full time business. We don’t need investor’s mind set franchises, we give franchisee to the people who are individual and focused to operate a store as full time business.

Franchise owner’s Area of operations

We would like to join hands with people who reside in the same city as that of the applied franchise area. We work only with individuals who wanted to Own & Run the show as a full time business only. More specifically, we believe that to succeed in the franchise business one needs to have the 3 Cs – Capital, Commitment, and Competence. And the same applies to you as an aspiring franchisee.


Capital is a key ingredient to roll out enough stores to create a brand presence in the market. Also, with more stores comes more economies of scale and a wider customer reach. All this helps build the brand while the location risks are diversified over a larger portfolio. Without the proper capital momentum may be lost, and the entire business may be put at risk.

The Commitment

The Commitment to succeed is another vital ingredient. Food and beverage service is a business that requires frequent managerial attention. So we expect a good commitment from People who are looking for a Franchise.


It is difficult to execute even the best systems without having a capable team. That is why Kulfi House guarantees its systems and its training curriculum to develop managers for the franchisee. Following the systems is the most reliable formula for ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and repeat business. It needs to be remembered that each franchisee is responsible for building their own team as well as an infrastructure for implementation of their business on the ground. However, equally, you will receive continuous support from Kulfi House. If you are still wondering whether you qualify, you might like to know that Kulfi House does not require a franchisee to have any direct previous experience in the food & beverage industry. Above all, we look for evidence that each partner has the 3 Cs it takes to succeed. If so, you are already on your way.